Candid Shots

I write. You write. The story within a picture.

I enjoy taking candid shots and discovering the expressions and emotions when no one is expecting the photo to be taken. I have some interesting shots of animals from mid-flight to peaceful sleep in my collection. This little kitten, named Oreo, captured the hearts of a group of volunteer workers for a whole week. This shot is one of my favorites. Let’s see what we can do with the story hidden in this picture.

Write about this photo. Poem or story, your choice.



A sanctuary in the hoodie pocket you purr with content
Your eyes seem to take us in following everywhere we went

You hissed and spit when we first met, unsure of us, and then
You snuggled in our scattered bags as if you knew us when

We all passed by and scratched your head or picked you up to hold
You trusted us to the point that you became more bold

Even the trauma of the flea bath given with a lot of care
Did not turn you against us but made you more aware

For a little cat to keep us calm and focused on the tasks at hand
So grateful to such a small creation to help us make a strong stand


3 thoughts on “Candid Shots

  1. A cat in the pocket is worth two in the hat. A cat picks you, allows you into their life. Behaving as a guest, they love to be waited on. Your reward for being a good servant, a warn ball of fur who’s purr is a musical message of love. Thank you for sharing.


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