Sunlight and Shadow

  I write. You write. Sunlight and Shadow What do you see?     The master painter Chooses colors that delight and remind Our existence fleeting lovely bittersweet Lingers on the cool sunlit autumn Advertisements

Press On

I write. You write. Poem or prose from a picture. What do you see when you look at this bench? Do you focus on the weathered wood? Do you wonder about the last person to sit awhile? Take a few minutes with me and write as you are led. As I meander along the path […]

Conquer the Beast

I write. You write. In my state, fall heralds in the State Fair. From the food to the amusements, the fair provides a time of fun for families of all ages. When I was growing up, the fair grounds were within walking distance of my neighborhood! We could hear the pulse of the midway as […]

Ideas and Inventions

I write. You write. Do you ever look at the way something is designed and wish for improvements? Do you ever wonder why something has not been invented yet? I have to admit, my mind is always analyzing and trying to find a different way, a short cut or just something new. Maybe that is […]


I write. You Write. Free choice Friday. Moving. The very word evokes all kinds of nuances and angst. Not many people embrace the concept of sorting, packing, lifting, loading, arriving and reversing all operations to settle in to your new place. The process reveals as much as it renews. Having to sort through everything in […]

Love/Hate Relationships

I write. You Write. In my zone, we are in fall according to the calendar. According to the temperature, we are still in summer! From the cooler temperatures to the fall traditions, this is a season of many nuances and memories for me. Take some time today to share your thoughts on fall. Write about […]

Forces of Nature

I write. You write. Forces of Nature I took this photo on my birthday at a place I had wanted to visit for sometime. As with all barrier islands, the forces of nature take their toll. Many hurricanes have impacted this land over time and each one leaves its mark on the shore. No matter […]