The American People

I write. You write. Five things. Sometimes I long for simplicity. The idealized vision from my childhood calls to me. We stayed outside as long as we could. We ran, rode bikes, played hard and long, and we got dirty. We explored the woods and ditches, and our neighborhood was our safe world. That safe […]

Then and Now or Now and Then

I write. You write. Then and now or now and then. I enjoy reading young adult literature. Every year I look forward to the new book award nominees being announced. Reading through them gives me a window into the world of middle and high school life. The stories are poignant and heart wrenching. They can […]

The Teacher Life

I write. You write. Free Choice Friday in honor of all teachers! Teachers, it is time to face the music. Back. To. School. As a 26 year veteran, I would like to offer some tips for a smooth first week. You are amazing. You are the one who will make a difference this year. You […]

The Lone Sentinel

I write. You write. I am a novice at blogging. I did not know you were asked for your name and email before you could comment on my blog. I think I set it yesterday so that is no longer required. So, feel free to add your thoughts directly to the blog today. You can […]

From Wish to Reality

I write. You write. Do you have a bucket list? Is yours secret or do you have it on display? Are your wishes numbered? Do you check the items off each time you accomplish one? Are you still dreaming on your mental list? Are you keeping the wishes to yourself because you really don’t want […]

Step into the Change

I write. You write. Throw back from a year ago. Admit it. Deep inside you, maybe buried so far down that you don’t even recognize it, you ARE excited to start back to school. Claim it. Stop a minute. Really let it sink in. You are facing another year to start over. Your attitude, your […]

The Sleek Hunter

I write. You write. Poetry from a picture. I live in a beautiful place. My home town is noteworthy beautiful, a place where people come to visit and stay. But, don’t we all have a chance to find something beautiful right where we are? You don’t have to travel far to see something that catches […]