I write. You Write. Free choice Friday. Moving. The very word evokes all kinds of nuances and angst. Not many people embrace the concept of sorting, packing, lifting, loading, arriving and reversing all operations to settle in to your new place. The process reveals as much as it renews. Having to sort through everything in […]

Love/Hate Relationships

I write. You Write. In my zone, we are in fall according to the calendar. According to the temperature, we are still in summer! From the cooler temperatures to the fall traditions, this is a season of many nuances and memories for me. Take some time today to share your thoughts on fall. Write about […]

Forces of Nature

I write. You write. Forces of Nature I took this photo on my birthday at a place I had wanted to visit for sometime. As with all barrier islands, the forces of nature take their toll. Many hurricanes have impacted this land over time and each one leaves its mark on the shore. No matter […]

Hardest Times

I write. You write. Hardest times. From the enormous weather events to world news, it feels as if we are living in the hardest of times. I think our generation is no different than those before us. Every era has its own share of difficulties. The major difference in the present confronts us as an […]

Kindness: Innate or Learned?

I write. You write. Innate or learned? I wonder why all the evil and destructive happenings make top headlines and attention while the inspirational stories barely make the last 30 seconds? I know breaking news and conflict must be reported, but could we not also have some balance? I enjoy the times when social media […]


I write. You write. How? Stay positive. How? When everything around you is negative, when you have to face enormous loss, when you feel alone, when the effort required to put your feet on the ground is too much for you. How? What do you do to keep yourself motivated? How do you tap into […]

Finding the Hidden Story

I write. You Write. Finding the hidden story. I love to imagine. When I am waiting, standing, walking I can jump into my imagination so easily. Truly, I need no excuse to launch into an explorer in the desert facing winds and death as I walk across a very safe sandy expanse of beach. My […]